Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cambodia ICT and Telecom World Expo Schedule in April


The National Information Communications Technology Development Authority (NiDA) and International Data Group (IDG) will host the 5th Cambodia ICT & Telecom World Expo 2009 in Phnom Penh on April 3 to 5, 2009 at the NagaWorld International Hotel.

Phu Leewood, NiDA’s General Secretary, said the conference has seen remarkable growth since its inceptions in 2005 and continues to build its strength each year. NiDA and IDG will mark the fifth anniversary by holding the event at the NagaWorld International Hotel in Phnom Penh and launch interactive activities to be held simultaneously. The activities include the best of 10 ICT products awards and the e-government symposium.

“The main objective of the Cambodia ICT Expo is ‘Building a Robust ICT Industry’ and to speed up the country’s ICT industry development by calling the government sector, companies, and individual specialists to share their experiences. We also want the local and international companies to showcases the latest ICT products, services, and technologies during the three-day event,” he said.

The conference will cover topics such as e-government and e-learning application, as well as introduce an e-library and an e-sports zone to attract young people who are considered to be on the cutting edge of technology. The event will also introduce to the market state-of-the-art technologies for e-commerce such as e-signature, e-report and e-filing, which will help businesses improve productivity, adaptability, and integration into the world economy.

The technologies, products and services showcased at the exhibition will benefit businesses benefits, public institutions and the young generation in Cambodia, Leewood said.

He pointed out the conference will take place during economic downturn, so the business conditions this year will be challenging. Making wise technological choices is important to end-users and finding new technology that leverages the existing systems will help businesses sustain growth.

Le Than Tan, General Director of IDG, said that the 2009 event also marks the 5th consecutive gathering of ICT giants.

Than Tan said the conference program was arranged to contribute to the e-government in Cambodia as it will bring together ministers and senior officials responsible such developments. There will also be leading academics, advisors and practitioners from the public sector, as well as international and local partners and suppliers, to discuss the directions and challenges of deploying e-administration in Cambodia.

He pointed out that as the event has grown, so has the business the participating companies. Fifty companies from more than 10 countries will take part in the conference this year. Nearly 40 percent of the participants will be hardware and software vendors 32 percent will be internet services providers. Mobile services providers, telecom services providers, electronics vendors, and application solutions for ICT industry will also take part.

“The show floor will feature participants representing the full spectrum of the ICT industry, from learning global names to new markets entrants,” Than Tan said. “The event format will combine a major technology exhibition with a strategic conference giving a mix of high-level content with face-to-face meeting opportunities for the industry.”

He expects more than 30,000 local visitors will attend the three-day show as well as business delegates from the U.S., Europe, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan and Korea. They will have chance to win prizes from the organizers and exhibitors. The organizers donated gifts that will be given to the first 1,000 visitors each day.

To better serve the local visitors, Than Tan said the organizers have arranged a parking lot near NagaWorld International Hotel and will offer a free bus shuttle between the parking lot and venue.

This year’s conference is supported by the Council of Ministers; the Ministry of Information, Post and Telecommunication; the Ministry of Commerce; the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport; and the Phnom Penh Municipality.

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