Thursday, January 22, 2009

Top Ten of the World Class Boxing Champion in Cambodia


Oum Yurann, the President of the Cambodian Amateur Boxing Association (CABA), said that among the top ten Khmer boxers, Vorn Viva is the best qualified fighter, as well as the youngest heavy weight champion in Cambodia.

“I am very proud of Viva because he is the youngest heavy weight champion, and he has received many medals for boxing both at national and international level. Recently, he found success at the World Class Boxing Championship,” Yurann said during an interview with the Cambodia Weekly.

Yourann said that Viva was the only Cambodian boxer to win his bouts during the 2008 World Class Boxing Championship as a result of his natural ability, a rigorous training schedule and limitless patience.

Vorn Viva, 23, is the youngest of his family, along side three brothers and one sister. He comes from Khloy Village, Mean Commune, Prey Chhuor district, in Kampong Cham province.

Viva became the Kick-Boxing Champion for Cambodia in 2007 after receiving financial support from the Military Police Headquarters in Phnom Penh. He is now a boxer training with the Preah Khan Reach Club at the Military Police Headquarters.

“I started training in Khmer Kick-Boxing (Kbach Kun Boran Khmer) when I was 17 years old, and before moving to Phnom Penh, I was a boxer in Kampong Cham Province,” he told the Cambodia Weekly during an interview on January 12.

Viva continued to say that when he moved to Phnom Penh, he was trained by Troeung Sos Say, a veteran Cambodian coach working out of the Military Police Headquarters. So far, he has 48 fights under his belt, with 40 wins, 7 losses and one draw. Of these bouts, seven were international matches, leading to an impressive six wins and only one defeat.

“I had decided to continue training in Phnom Penh because I want to promote and to preserve the Khmer Kick-Boxing for future generations in Cambodia,” he said.

“I first participated in nationwide boxing competitions in 2007,” he said. “From then on, I have left the ring with a medal in the 73 kilograms category every year,” he added.

Viva, participated in the World Title Boxing Competition at the National Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh in August 2008. He won the championship of International Sport Kick-Boxing Association (ISKA) in the weight of 75 kilograms.

“I am now very happy because I have just become a World Class Kick-Boxer in Cambodia. I think that to promote Kbach Kun Boran Khmer for the next generation, I will continue to train hard and will be boxing until I am retired,” he said.

Viva said that besides the boxing training, he is the boxing coach for Paddy’s Sports Center in Phnom Penh where he teaches youngsters in the noble art.

Troeung Sos Say, Viva’s Coach, said that Vorn Viva was the best heavy weight fighter in Cambodia.

“I have known Viva since 2006 when he started training with me at my club and I know him to be a strong young man and a hard trainer. I think that he is also the most outstanding heavy weight boxer in my club,” he said. “I am happy that he has been wining many medals in national and international competitions for my club. I strongly believe that with his hard work, skill, natural talent and fighting experience, he will be bringing medals home to Cambodia on a regular basis,” he added.