Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cambodian Performance of “Kraithong Kropeur Charavann”


About 20,000 visitors from Phnom Penh and other provinces came to see a Lakhaon Basac performance of an old favorite - “Kraithong Kropeur Charavann” at the National Olympic Stadium on December 10, 2008.

The theater performance was organized by the Cambodian Television Network (CTN) with support from the Randonal Wine Company and CamGSM Company Limited.

The “Kraithong Kropeur Charavann” was performed by a group of Cambodian boxers, film stars and CTN staff members, with a staring role for Choun Chy alias “Kuy”, a famous Comedian, according to Pol Vibo, Deputy Director General of CTN.

Vibo said that “Kraithong Kropeur Charavann” is the one of the best documented of the traditional Cambodian stories, with a film produced in the 1960s in existence. He said that the story has not been retold in theatres since the civil wars in Cambodia.

“This is the first time that CTN has attempted such a project and it aims to conserve and promote the art form for the enjoyment of future generations of Cambodians,” he told the Cambodia Weekly.

“Creating entertainment and light-hearted jokes is a central feature of our roll.” he said. “I think that the event has proved to be attractive with audience members from all over Cambodia in attendance.”

Lim Kimsrun, CTN Sales Manager confirmed that the audience on the night reached the 20,000 figure, packing the National Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh to capacity.

He said that the 18,000 tickets were completely sold out two days in advance of the event of December 10. He added that tickets cost $3.00.

Kimsrun, declined to give details about how much the event made in total, but said that audience figures were increasing steadily and that this event made more profit than previous events organized in 2008.

Yun Chamroeun, a spector living in Phnom Penh, said that he paid US$3 to see the theatre performance.

“I really enjoyed the performance of “Kraithong Kropeur Charavann”. I have never seen such a spectacular entertainment before and the plot was very gripping.” he told the Cambodia Weekly.

Bun Sreymom, another member of the audience from Kandal province, said she also enjoyed the theater performance.

She said, “I was happy to hear all the old “Kraithong Kropeur Charavann” jokes again. I hope that I will be seeing other interesting Khmer traditional theatre productions from CTN in future.”

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